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Sunday Bliss

Unwind and Relax: A 90-minute Session of Mindful Movements and Relaxation Techniques

Join us for a calming and rejuvenating 90 minutes of mindful movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation.


These sessions begin with Restorative and Yin Yoga to prepare your body and mind. Then, you'll experience the ultimate relaxation with Yoga Nidra as you let go of all control and surrender to tranquility.


Spring Buds

Spring 2024

24th March - Immersion

14th April - Inner Confidence

28th April - Yang to Yin

12th May - Dreaming Big

9th June - Saving Energy Before the Solstice

Sunset Flower

Sunmmer 2024

23rd June - Immersion

21st July - Celebrating with the Full Moon

8th September - Restoring as the Summer Ends

Autumn Pond

Autumn 2024

29th September - Immersion

13th October

27th October

10th November

24th November


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