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Walk and Talk Coaching

My Walk and Talk Coaching sessions are designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, while also improving your physical health. The benefits of walking and talking are numerous, including increased focus, reduced stress, and improved mental clarity. Whether you’re looking to build stronger relationships, develop healthier habits, or overcome limiting beliefs, walk and talk coaching with me can help you achieve your goals.


Each session is made of 35-45min walking and 15-25min sitting (depends on route and walking pace) with coffee/tea at a local coffee shop (included).

I offer a variety of programs which are tailored to each client needs.

What to expect as part of a tailored program, in addition to the sessions, you would also get:

-Support in between sessions on WhatsApp for any Q&As

- Recap & Recommendations email post-session

- Support with goal setting, accountability, progress

- Use of digital tools (eg. worksheet, wheel of life, short surveys, meditations, breathwork, etc) you can look/listen/watch on the go

- Working with you and tracking the journey between stabilising, strengthening, reinforcing, and empowering

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