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It's Time! 

Hi, I'm Sophie!

I help you thrive in business and at home by providing a comprehensive approach that fosters personal and professional development, empowering you to achieve your maximum potential. I offer services that are tailored to help you attain your objectives and lead a satisfying life.

It it time to... 

  • Empower Yourself to grow both personally and professionally,

  • Overcome any self-limiting beliefs 

  • Go through transitions and change with confidence

  • All that, without losing yourself, your values, or what matters most to YOU

What Do I Offer?

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Mindset coaching is a powerful tool for personal empowerment and performance improvement. It helps us navigate change and uncertainty with mindfulness and clarity.


Yoga & Meditation 

Holistic services including Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki,  aim to improve mental health by providing effective anxiety management, stress reduction, and inner peace. With my programs, you can achieve clarity of mind and a sense of calmness that will help you navigate life's challenges with ease.


Group / Team Training

My group/team training service is designed to enhance team performance through change management, coaching, and mindfulness techniques. With a focus on improvement, I help teams reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Book an Intro Call with Me

30 minute chemistry call (Free) to discuss what you might want to work on and if we feel I could be the person who can help you make it happen

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