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On this site you will find comprehensive & holistic coaching services that will guide you through your journey of self-discovery & success.


I specialise in empowering individuals and teams to make successful transitions, adapt to change,  and achieve  their goals. From overwhelming times, decrease in productivity or performance, to life transitions, my programs are tailored to meet your needs today & tomorrow.

In addition, I also provide Yoga and Meditation practices, as well as Reiki treatments. Please get in touch if you would like to hear about any of those services. 

Coaching with Sophie

Leadership | Wellness | Life | Empowerment
For Individuals and Businesses  

1:1 & Group | Online & In Person

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Transform Your Life

Discover the power of mindfulness and unlock your full potential with my personalised mindset and empowerment coaching services. My holistic thought-based approach will help you overcome personal challenges, nurture your spirit, and achieve your individual life goals. Start your proactive journey towards success today.

"Sophie is an amazing teacher and I look forward to class every week. Darker the room the better, with the candles it's so relaxing"

K. , Winchester

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