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Mindfulness for Success: Empowering YOU, One Mindful Moment at a Time

Comprehensive coaching services taking a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Hi I'm Sophie...

I help professionals and individuals activate their full potential and achieve their goals. My area of expertise resides in mindset guidance,  personal development, & change management; with a background in both spiritual and corporate worlds.

Expertise in:

Empowering people to grow both personally and professionally,

Guiding them through transitions and change, both at work and/or at home

Strategically scaling businesses,

Without losing themselves, their values, and what matters most along the way.

Education & Training: 

BA in Human Resource Management 

MBA in Strategic Leadership

Certified Success Coach ​(Jay Shetty School, accredited by Association for Coaching)

Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance Professionals)

Reiki Practitioner  (Reiki Second degree, Okuden, of the Usui System of Reiki)

On-going CPD

Sophie Le Reste

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Transform Your Life

Discover the power of mindfulness and unlock your full potential with my personalised mindset and empowerment coaching services. My holistic thought-based approach will help you overcome personal challenges, nurture your spirit, and achieve your individual life goals. Start your proactive journey towards success today.

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