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Happy Summer Solstice! Happy International Yoga Day!

Couldn't have wished for a better day to celebrate Yoga than the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

There are lots of articles, magazines, books, blogs talking about both events so instead I thought I would just share what this day means to me...

Yoga & the Sun : both are my therapy!

I started practising Yoga regularly back in 2012 or so, about a year after I moved to the UK. There was so much to process, to accept, and to let go of. None of these were easy and for a time I got lost in the "typical" student experience where I ended up going out and drinking a lot, not caring about my health, physically or mentally.

Yoga has given me that opportunity. The opportunity to sit with myself, to sit with my feelings, to not run away and instead, to accept and let go. Yes, there s been also the physical benefits I have been enjoying ever since. My physical health is definitely at a better level than prior to practising Yoga, especially when I would focus on high intensity workouts few times a week and completely remove the slower pace activities which would allow me to...connect...

What's the link with the Sun?

Seat comfortably for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine the bright sun shining above you. You can feel the warmth spreading out on you like a loving blanket. It is comforting and relaxing. Taking a deep breath in and picture the bright shining light coming in and down through the front of your body; and when you're ready to excel, picture the warm shinny light coming up through the spine. A whole complete cycle for each breath. Continue to breath deeply for a couple of minutes.

And when you're ready, flick the eyes open. Welcome back.

Essential to our survival, the Sun also brings a lot of smaller yet important benefits that helps make our lives more joyful, peaceful, and whole.

What's the link between Yoga and the Sun?

To me, they both bring this.

Joy. Peace. And a sense of wholeness like nothing else has before.

Happy Summer Solstice lovely Souls! Celebrate, today and every day!

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