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Is Yoga still my First Love?

A lovely soul asked me if yoga was still my first love yesterday; and that is a question I've been reflecting on this morning. My initial answer was that mindfulness is; and, after some reflection, I have a different answer. One that seems worth sharing with you too.

You see, the way I practise and share Yoga is as a mindfulness practice. We practise how to be more present, in the now, by focusing on our breathing, linking breath and movements, and allowing sensations and all that arise to be. And yes, it is one of my favourite mindfulness practices. Yoga has the power to hold your hands and let you see life with your own eyes. You allow yourself to be and you have tools that are being shared with you that can help you be more in the moment.

It's more than that though. Practising Yoga helps Prana, energy, to flow through your body. Between movements, breathing, and meditation, we can unlock areas in our body , mind, and soul that I haven't found with anything else I ve practised before.

Life can be challenging at times. Being present can really help with feeling less overwhelmed and better grateful for all that we have. Yoga will also help you tap into your emotions, the ones you may not have time to deal with, the ones you push down, the ones you numb. Yoga will support you with your journey within and create a pace for you.

Yoga is my first love. A love that is still growing. It has a place in all that I do. In my mindset coaching too. It represents and provides so many helpful tools; and being able to learn, practise, and share some with you is a real privilege.

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