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Short & Sweet February

For those of you who know me, you know that February is a month I usually become more reflective about life... Valentine's day? hm... My Birthday? Maybe...

What does the month of February is about?

Well it might be a surprise for some but no, February is not just about Love!

There is a lot more to the shortest month of the year... (though Love still sticks around of course 😉)

February comes from Februa (Latin), which means “to cleanse.” This particular month was named after the Roman Februalia, a month-long festival of purification and atonement that took place this time of year.

Some interesting dates include:

February 1: #lunarnewyear (also known as #chinesenewyear ). This year is the Year of the Tiger!

February 2: #groundhogday—the traditional day where we find out whether winter will last six more weeks or leave early (fingers crossed!)

February 12: Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.

February 14 (we all know this one 😉)

February 15 is National Flag of Canada Day!

February 21: Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday also known as Washington’s Birthday that is celebrated on the third Monday in February. (George Washington’s actual birthday is February 22.. interestingly.. or not😄)

February 23: my birthday... Yes ok...I am not very objective when it comes to February...what can I say, it's the month of clarity, purification, and love...always love 🤗

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