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On Our Way to Spring...

Fun fact: March comes from the Latin Martius, the original first month of the Roman calendar.

Less fun fact: It is also the name of one of Roman's gods: the god of war.. which with the current events happening in the world is a heavy word once again ...😔

War isn't the topic of this post though (I leave that others). This is a post about arising after Winter, taking time to embrace the transition, and getting ourselves ready for Spring...

As we gently walk away from Winter, the days get longer and brighter. It is time to rise...

In March, we celebrate Pancakes, St David, St Andrew, St Patrick , and so many more... Including Women.

A specific day dedicated to celebrate and commemorate women's cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements.

Knowing how diverse the world is and how in one country, let's call it country A, a woman has the same freedom as men, and as in another, let's call it country B, she has... well...less...And somehow..she is treated like one would have been decades ago in country A...

How fair is that?...well like a lot of life...not everything is fair...and we are often faced with the challenges of what we can and what we cannot control.

So in the days guiding us to Spring, before the beer gardens, the barbecues, the weddings, the parties, events, and busyness... why don't we (women, men, trans, and everyone!), take some time. Take that walk. Take that nap. Take a moment to read that book you've wanted to read for so long.

Be kind. To yourself and to others.

Be compassionate. To yourself and to others.

Pause. Appreciate.

Enjoy the moment where possible.

Life is short. Look after yourself, be good, do good, and enjoy it whenever you can!

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