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"Time You Enjoy Wasting is not Wasted Time"~ M.Troly-Curtin

"I don't have time" ; "I run out of time" ; "there's not enough time"....

We hear this and sometimes say it ourselves. I have and sometimes still do too.

With recent events across the past couple of years, I wonder, what if I look at how I use my time instead? What do I give my time to? What do I prioritise? Do I prioritise what is important to me? Do I know what matters to me?

Day to day events may interfere with what is really important to us. Writing a list down can help with refocus your energy to what your priorities are. It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be big.

Find a quiet place where you can pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

And reflect, ask yourself,

What do I do when I have time?

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