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Transitioning to Spring, Hello March!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I have spent the past week talking about Mars/Martius, the Roman God behind the month of March. It's always one I find tricky as while he was recognised for his military campaigns and protecting virtues, Mars/Martius was also known for less good things...but this is not what we will focus on today...

As we transition from the season of rest to the season of new beginnings, we enter a time of year where we do more, we feel more, we want more. Sometimes to get more we may need to compromise on the feeling, the emotions which may not be the ones we want to feel.

There is freedom, strength and power in feeling.

Like a flower, we are both delicate and strong; small and big ; here for a short time and with a long effect, if we let it.

This month, we cultivate strength & freedom from inside out..

We started our journey with feeling strong like a Goddess, working on our root, sacral, and solar plexus energy to build strength and confidence from the base of our body.

In order to really connect with our inner strength and confidence, we challenge ourselves and any protective mechanism we may have in place.

And we engage in a process where we

Feel; Forgive; and Let Go.

Challenging ourselves...

...with slowing down.

...with balancing.

...with letting yourself be YOU,

unapologetically, YOU.

Want to Join Us?

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