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The Yin to My Yang: Why I started Yoga

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I started Yoga 12+ years ago...


I needed a stretching class to go to after the 2nd or 3rd high intensity fitness class of the day... I used to overdo it with my workouts...can you tell?

I didn't like it at first

It was required me to be still at times, to focus on breathing...on connecting...and that was the one thing going completely against my daily routine of numbing each and every single emotion I had in me...

What happened

The more I was practising, the tougher. Some days the emotions would feel overwhelming and I would stay home instead. I did not realise I needed lone quiet time to recharge and that being surrounded by people was using my energy instead of recharging it.

Practising Yoga was giving me an opportunity to be with myself yet I was attending group sessions of 20+ people and it wasn't working for me. So I started to go to smaller group sessions. I went to a lot of different teachers and connected with a few. I kept going to their classes as often as I could and still do when I can today.

Why I kept going

I found the teachers....the practice...Each step got me to learn more and more about myself. And still does.

It took close to a decade before I actually got to understand the way I feel and accept each emotion as they come.

You may read "decade" and think "what?!".

First, we are all different and my experience is not more than that, it doesn't mean you ll experience the same. Second...Every day I get to learn and experience more. And I'm grateful for each and every day I get to wake up, feel, and connect better.

Yoga helps me take a moment and feel before I let a situation invade my peace. The mindfulness, the guidance, the breathing, and all the other benefits to body and mind...they are so many!

What about flexibility then?

Did you notice...not once did I refer to it...because it is not that important...Really!

And I'll tell you more why, in my opinion, in a future post...

Until then...

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